Bee Our Future

According to National Geographic over the past 15 years, bee colonies have been disappearing in what is known as the "colony collapse disorder," and some regions have seen losses of up to 90%.
Every few months we hear disastrous stories from the shocked beekeepers who wake up in the morning and find hundreds of dead bees in side and in front of their hives. 
The reasons are highly infectious viruses transferred by varroa mites. The most dangerous and deadly one is the one causing the deformed wings - the deformed wing virus (DWV). This DWV removes bee's ability to fly, undermines their immune system, and halves their lifespan.
Luckily a recent study showed that Amadou (Fomes) and Reishi (Ganoderma) extract fed to honey bees greatly reduces virus levels. These fungi extracts reduced DWV more than 800-fold in the first trial, showing a huge potential this medicine has. 
It is obvious - Bees need mushrooms too. So for the past 6 months, we have been making mushroom-infused syrup for bees in need. With this syrup, viruses brought by varroa mites will hopefully become just a small inconvenience for the empowered and happy bees. 

Are you interested to help? Send us an email to with the "Bee My Future" in the subject line, and become a part of the solution.