Introducing Coffee that meets your Health and Wellness Goals

✔ get up with ease even if you are not a morning type
✔ experience long-lasting energy without crashes
✔ organic coffee and nature's strongest adaptogens
✔ easy to digest (your gut will love it!)
✔ fine taste of organic Arabica coffee (you can't taste the mushrooms)

30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Improve endurance and strength


Boost learning and focus


Empower your immune system


Refuel your mind and body


What does it taste like?

Our Single Origin - Peruvian Arabica coffee is certified organic and it is sourced from the Cajamarca coffee-growing region in Peru.

It provides a gentle, clean and uniform cup, with a chocolate-driven flavor profile and a bit of caramel, that also exhibits a smooth, well-rounded mouthfeel.

We are so confident you will love it we will give you a full refund in case you don't like the taste or the quality of our products.

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Mediterranean Chanterelle Extract -
in all products

Collected by professional mushroom hunters

Wild Mediterranean Chanterelle are very rich in vitamin D and have among highest known natural concentrations of B vitamins, which play a fundamental role in converting food into energy and serotonin production. Wherefore, Chanterelles are an indispensable ingredient in every MushroomCup and will help you kickstart your day.
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Mushroom selection


41 % več kalijakot banana

41 % več kalija
kot banana

28 % več železa
kot špinača

28 % več železa
kot špinača

71 % več bakra
kot govedina

71 % več bakra
kot govedina

Močne protivnetne in protivirusne lastnosti

Močni antioksidanti z močnimi lastnostmi proti staranju

Poveča celično bioenergijo (razmerje ATP/IP) za 28 % do 55 %

Izboljša privzem kisika in aerobno zmogljivost
Levja griva

Podpira delovanje možganov in ima fascinantno sposobnost ponovne rasti živčnih celic

Zmanjšuje depresijo in anksioznost

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Money-Back Guarantee

Either you are satisfied or you get your money back. Here is what you can expect: 

  • Fine taste of Organic Arabica Coffee (you wont be able to taste mushrooms)

  • Calm energizing feeling lasting for hours after consuming

  • No stomach ache or jitters even if you drink it on an empty stomach

If you are not happy with any of these 3 reach out to us and we will give you a full refund.