Dual-Extraction production process


If you ever wondered how Mushroom Cups coffee is made, here is the short summary of the Dual-Extraction process.

After harvesting, mushrooms are dried and smashed into powder.

This powder goes through the full “Dual-Extraction” cycle. This process is necessary because mushrooms contain some constituents that are water-soluble, called beta-glucans, and some that are alcohol-soluble, called triterpenes. The dual extraction process assures the bioavailability of both.
If you consider buying mushroom supplements only “extracts” should be considered since others will not have most of the bio-active ingredients, you are buying them for. Those supplements will not even dissolve well in hot water, and you will notice crumbs on the bottom of your cup. You can learn more about dangers while buying mushroom supplements here.

After extraction, the liquid extract is dried and smashed back into powder. On average 1 kg of fresh mushrooms provide with less than 0.08kg of extract, which explains why small dosage is so effective.

Now that all the important elements are bioactivated, the screening and testing process takes place.
Only extracts with highest percentages of polysaccharides are used (our Chaga has >50% and Cordyceps >40% of polysaccharides while most products on the market range 10% – 30%) and mixed with freshly ground organic Arabica coffee, to provide you with amazing taste and exceptional chemical composition. Cheers!

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