Mushroom Cups is 9th gen Food-X alumni


Since April, the Mushroom Cups team has been mentored by the prestigious New York-based Food-X accelerator.  Fast Company – the acclaimed media outlet – rated them the best food tech accelerator in the world twice, and with compelling reasons to do so. The Food-X program combines with a considerable pre-seed financial investment from the $525 million portfolio venture capital firm SOSV, the accelerator’s founding organization. Mushroom Cups is in class with 6 other startups, representing the 9th generation of companies shaping the future of the food industry.

The program itself provides startups with a collaborative co-working space in New York, hands-on help from experienced mentors in all segments of business, direct one-on-one guidance by a relevant expert, access to huge 1000+ entrepreneurs community of the SOSV circle along with wide co-investor network and various other partnership perks. Aiming for super-fast growth, members go through an intensive 3-month course sprint which encompasses all the business processes – from production to marketing, from customer support to distribution and logistics. 


This represents a fresh confirmation of our work and the quality of the products, just a couple of months after being selected as 1 in 7 most promising food-tech startups of Europe. SOSV initiative helps us in reaching an important milestone, gaining a foothold, and subsequent expansion to the US market. With projected growth north of $1 billion this year in the US alone, mushroom coffee is the fastest-growing specialty coffee category – and we’re making the best in the world.

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