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Coffee... coffee has become a staple of life. Cultural, habitual, social, comforting and empowering beverage.

In a world with thousands of options, marketing tricks, and different opinions choosing the right coffee can be a delicate process.

Origin of the beans, soil quality, processing procedures, and varietal are only a few important factors that determine coffee taste and quality.

How can you choose the coffee that ticks all the right boxes? 

Here is what we did!

To tackle this issue we ordered 70 different coffees from all around the world and made a tasting event.

While ordering coffees we were thinking about obvious factors like origin, species, processing, and handling,

but we also considered specific aspects like the happiness of the coffee farmers, 

are they using organic and eco-farming methods that protect the environment, 

and whenever we could we would organize online meetings to understand physical and spiritual elements like emotions, thoughts, and behavior or people dealing with our coffee. This might seem like going a bit too far, but science had shown us that positive human emotions and thoughts can affect the formation of crystals in water making it taste better and being of greater quality. 

We believe the same works for the coffee. 

But being practical is as important, so we wanted to back it up all with science.

Tasting session

The tasting session was organized in the VIP coworking office where we brought 3 baristas to prepare coffees, alongside 30 coffee experts with the task of tasting the coffees in a double-blind controlled trial. 

All coffees were prepared with the exact same method, served at exactly the same temperature, and in the exact same-looking cups.

After each grading session experts took a 3-minute break during which they had to wash out their mouths with water.

Each round new and exciting coffee aroma was circulating the room until all the coffee samples were served. 

The result - Beans growing in an amazing place surrounded and touched by the lives of happy and dedicated people.

Arabica coffee from the organic farm on Peruvian highlands won with an impressive advantage to its follow-ups.

After investigating this coffee we learned that high altitudes with lower oxygen levels on the Peruvian Highlands prolong the maturing period of the coffee beans resulting in lover caffeine amounts and complex flavor with less bitterness.

Flavor notes: 

Round, balanced, soft with nutty notes and a very slight acidity

Bean roasting; Mild. 

Processing, transport, and storing conditions for this coffee follow strict health and regulations procedures making the coffee allergen, residue, and impurities free. 

Important note

At Mushroom Cups we add mushroom extracts to coffee to enhance the coffee effect making it gentle for the human digestive system and lasting longer.
Mushroom extracts dissolve rapidly in the water and do not influence coffee flavor. 

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