5 surprising things making you feel tired


Feelings of fatigue are very common, and some research has shown that as many as 3 out of 4 employees constantly feel tired.

When you feel tired all the time, it becomes extremely exhausting and it is a sign that your body needs help.

If you do not pay attention to the signs of fatigue and fix the things that bring you to this state, there is serious danger fatigue will transform into something worse, and make you sick.

However, there is no need for pessimism, because the causes of your fatigue are usually very easy to detect and eliminate.

Shallow breathing

When you breathe shallowly your body and brain do not get enough oxygen. As a result, the level of oxygen in your blood gets lowered and the level of carbon dioxide is elevated which can directly be the cause of the fatigue.

Furthermore, when there is not enough oxygen in your blood, your pulse and blood pressure increase, which additionally drains your energy reserves.

Solution 1 - breathing from the abdomen

Practice breathing from the diaphragm.

When you feel you are not very energetic, put your hands on your stomach and focus on breathing by pushing the air into your stomach and then into your lungs

This way you will expand the lower part of your lungs and allow your body to take in more oxygen with each breath.

Just work without fun

We live a fast-paced life. Things change very quickly, and opportunities and new commitments are at every turn. If you constantly pressure yourself and do not allow yourself a break, it leads to mental and physical exhaustion in the long run.

Solution 2 - Fun as part of a routine

Don’t forget to include fun things in your daily routine.

Call someone interesting, plan a dream vacation, listen to a song you love etc...

Small fun breaks are a great thing to release stress from your body and to replenish the energy.

Sitting too long

When you aren’t moving, your body perceives it as preparation for falling asleep. This is why after sitting for a while you start to feel sleepy and without energy.

Solution 3 - Move your body

Stretching or a short walk should do the trick. You could start with walking to the toilet once every hour.

If your job involves looking at a monitor, stretching your eyeballs by looking into the distance will also be of great help.

Bright lights in the evening

Evolutionarily, our body is accustomed to a lot of light during the day and very little light during the night. Bright light in the evening can easily disrupt the perception of day and night inside your brain.

And when your internal clock resets, it becomes difficult to fall asleep and get up on time.

Also, research has shown that bright light in the evening delays and reduces the secretion of the sleep-inducing hormone (melatonin).

Solution 4 - less light + blue light filter

If you want to reduce the negative impact of bright lights in the evening, it is enough to dim or turn off the lights in the living room or bedroom and turn on a "softer" lamp on the wall or nightstand.

Furthermore, almost all mobile phones have the option to turn on a blue light filter which logically, removes the blue light that is harmful to our eyes.

A good tactic is to turn that option on when it gets dark and keep it on until you wake up in the morning.


Drinking alcohol, especially in the evening, can often disrupt the sleep cycle.

Although alcohol probably makes it easier for you to fall asleep, it has been scientifically proven that alcohol also prevents you from falling into a strong deep sleep, which is why despite a long sleep, you will not wake up well-rested in the morning.

One beer or a glass of wine with your friends is fine, of course. The problem starts when the quantities increase

Solution 5 - moderation and plenty of water

Do you remember the first time you got drunk and the experience of an excruciating headache that woke you up in the morning?

In addition to preventing deep sleep, alcohol also dries you out. It removes the water from your body, especially from the brain.

To prevent headaches it is wise to drink water as long as you drink alcohol and at least one more glass just before bed.

This way, the water you drink will replace the water that the alcohol has dried away and prevent discomfort when waking up.

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