10 ways to instantly boost your energy


We can agree the life is way more beautiful when you feel motivated and energetic.

If you are struggling with feelings of fatigue and drowsiness, this text will provide 10 intuitive and scientifically proven methods to fix it with the minimum effort.

Lets’ start with something obvious:

Eat something for breakfast

People who eat breakfast report significantly less fatigue and stress during the day compared to those who do not eat breakfast.

    Fiber-rich foods are a great start.

    Oatmeal with yogurt, two slices of high-quality bread with eco jam, or similar, are all great options that will satiate you and prevent you from getting hungry quickly and running out of energy.


    Maybe you don’t feel like exercising sometimes (or often), but just a few squats, push-ups, or sit-ups will already make an amazing difference. The point is to make the blood circulate through your body.

    The blood supplies the oxygen molecules and nutrients to your cells. And your cells need those two to work. 

    The trick is to set such an easy goal that it is impossible for the brain to claim that it is too difficult.

    For example, your task may be to do 1 squat. If you finish with one it's ok, but it will often end up with you making 10 or 20 because when you start, it's not that hard anymore.


    You can stretch while you are still in bed. Yoga positions, such as a cat-cow or a cobra are a great start and require minimal effort.

    Stretching also stimulates circulation, and you can focus on areas where you are accumulating stress. These are most often the upper or lower back, and the neck.


    ...while doing your morning hygiene. Gun’s & Roses, Abba or Beetles whatever makes you happy.

    The level of cortisol in our body after waking up is significantly elevated. Singing lowers cortisol levels and thus automatically improves mood.

    How your singing affects your neighbors’ cortisol levels is their problem.

    Drink water!

    Everyone knows at least one person who associates your every problem with the fact that you don't drink enough water. Research dictates that this person is often right.

    In fact, dehydration is so common that a good portion of people, out of habit, accept it as a normal state of their body, although it causes an unpleasant feeling of exhaustion and drainage.

    You can test if you are well hydrated by the color of your urine. If the urine is slightly yellow your are good, and if it is dark, it is time for some water intake.

    2 in 1 trick is to use a small 1.5 dl glass while sitting in front of the computer. Every time it empties, I get up and go get a new one. Hydration + movement!

    Snack on some nuts

    Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts are all full of magnesium and folic acid, and these are the nutrients necessary for energy production at the cellular level. Lack of these nutrients in your body causes a feeling of fatigue.

    Extra tip 1: your stomach is not omnipotent. It has been scientifically proven that nutrients from well-chopped nuts are easier to release and better absorbed. So grind them or chew them well for maximum benefit.

    Extra tip 2: There are a number of articles on the Internet stating that soaking and/or frying nuts removes phytic acid, which binds some of the vitamins and minerals and prevents their absorption.

    This information has been scientifically refuted. Raw nuts are the best nuts.

    Walk in the sun

    Research has shown that just five minutes outside is enough and your mood will improve. It doesn’t even have to be a sunny day!

    Among the other things, exposure to daylight has a positive effect on your brain and self-confidence. On the other hand, the lack of daylight in the rooms you live in can trigger anxiety and drowsiness.

    Drink coffee

    Coffee has a number of scientifically proven benefits for human health. From improving cognitive function and energy levels, all the way to strengthening the blood circulatory system and protecting against Parkinson's disease.

    Well-timed, high-quality coffee can make a huge difference on your day.


    Hang out with the positive and avoid the negative people. Emotions are incredibly contagious. People who are constantly negative are able to literally suck up your energy.

    On the other hand, those who are very positive and often excited can lift you up, even when you don’t feel the most energetic.

    If you can’t get the bad guys out of your life completely, try spending less time with them.

    Breathe deeply

    Breathing is actually incredibly important and often neglected.

    One of the side effects of a sedentary lifestyle is slow, shallow breathing. When you breathe shallowly your body and brain do not get enough oxygen, which in turn leads you to a state of drowsiness.

    When you feel that you have started to feel sleepy, put your hands on your stomach and try to breathe deeply from your diaphragm for thirty seconds. Firstly get your stomach and then lungs filled with oxygen.

    The positive effect should be felt immediately!

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