Stimulants(Coffee) and Adaptogens(Medicinal Mushrooms)

The caffeine in coffee acts as a stimulant to the central nervous system and helps to improve mental performance, especially alertness, attention and concentration. It has also been used to control asthma, stop headaches and enhance mood.
Although very popular and widely used it doesn’t go without side effects.

Caffeine boosts cortisol and adrenaline production which are both stress hormones. Because of it, excessive consumption of coffee can lead to accelerated heart rate, high blood pressure and cell damage.

On the other hand adaptogens normalize production of hormones (especially stress inducing ones) and they increase the body’s resistance to physical (heat, cold and exertion), chemical (toxins and heavy metals) and biological (bacteria and viruses) stress. What makes them special is that they help modulate the body’s stress response so that it does not overreact to everyday stress conditions which depletes cells of vital energy. When hormones like adrenaline and cortisol are secreted in excess, they can do quite a bit of damage on your body leading and even lead to total exhaustion.

Therefore adaptogens help resist and adapt to the stress, restoring balance in the cardiovascular, immune and neuroendocrine system while causing minimal (if any) physiological disturbance, side effects or toxicity.

Mushrooms Coffee was specially designed keeping this factors in mind, harvesting all the benefits from both coffee and superfood mushrooms while annulling negative side effects.