Allergies: how to defeat our silent enemy?

Reading time: 11 minutes

Allergies are a very common reaction which affects 1 in 5 people in some period of their lives. Like the causes, the symptoms are numerous too and can vary from mild, hardly noticeable, to possibly life threatening. But before we go into deeper analysis of the whole allergy process, we should answer a basic question.

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Cordyceps – superfood from the world of Ultra-Endurance

Reading time 3min and 23 seconds.

Cordyceps has unique chemical composition that can alter the way you feel and perform. Although used for centuries as a libido enhancer and performance booster its reintroduction to the wider population happened when six new Chinese runners, using herbal drink based on Cordyceps, broke the world records 17 times, on Olympics in Beijing 1993. Thorough researches took place afterwards, highlighting

6 amazing ways how Cordyceps alters and improves our body function:

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Chaga – “Mushroom of Immortality”

Reading time 2min and 30 seconds

The chaga mushroom a.k.a “Mushroom of Immortality”  is a cocktail of extraordinary complex life-enhancing phytonutrients. It sucks life out of the tree, but we are stealing it back for our own nurturing purposes. Here are top 6 scientifically proven and elaborated health benefits chaga extract provides:

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