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How mushrooms affect your body?

We all know the old story – eat healthily, stay healthy. But how healthy the food we eat actually is? It would be too much to analyze each and every food item, so we will focus on mushrooms as they are our number one choice. Classified as vegetables in the world of gastronomy, mushrooms are not plants per se, but they still provide nutrients important for our body. Which mushrooms? Why? What good does it do for me? We will answer all these and many other questions!
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Why am I always tired?

Do you get frustrated when even after 8 good hours of sleep you feel exhausted and your eyes keep shutting down? And when you need to take several naps to make it through the day? We understand you… It is more common than you think. About one-third of the population feels overly sleepy or tired. But what are the reasons for this constant fatigue and is there something you can do about it? We’ll find out together!

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Caffeine bomb

Is caffeine good for you?

When someone mentions ‘caffeine’, not many people have positive connotations. That’s mostly because we are used to hearing how caffeine is the reason why we stay awake even when our body needs rest and how it does not affect our health in a good way. Is it all totally true, though? We’ll find out together.
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Adaptogens Graph

Stimulants (Coffee) and Adaptogens (Medicinal Mushrooms)

The caffeine in coffee acts as a stimulant to the central nervous system and helps to improve mental performance, especially alertness, attention, and concentration. It has also been used to control asthma, stop headaches and enhance mood.
Although very popular and widely used it doesn’t go without side effects. Mysterious adaptogens could be a perfect solution.
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