Lions Mane

What is Lion’s Mane? 

Other than being a beautiful fur around lion’s neck Lion’s Mane (Latin – Hericium Erinaceus) is also a native North American, European, Asian mushroom used for food and medicine. It can be identified by its long spines that truly resemble a Lion’s Mane which consequently got it it’s name. Due to its intriguing look, it is also called monkey head mushroom, bearded tooth mushroom, and satyr’s beard. 

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Cordyceps has a unique chemical composition that can alter the way you feel and perform. Although used for centuries as a libido enhancer and performance booster its reintroduction to the wider population happened when six new Chinese runners, using herbal drink based on Cordyceps, broke the world records 17 times, on Olympics in Beijing 1993.[3]  Thorough researches took place afterward, highlighting

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B-Glucan (B-d-Glucan)

What is B-Glucan (B-d-Glucan)? 

β-Glucan (beta-glucan or Beta-d-glucan) is a polysaccharide naturally occurring in the cell walls of cereals, bacteria, and fungi. B-Glucan not only has nutritional value as a source of soluble dietary fiber, but it has also received huge interest because of the health benefits that you can get by its consumption.

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SOSV office loves Mushroom Cups

Mushroom Cups is 9th gen Food-X alumni

Since April, the Mushroom Cups team has been mentored by the prestigious New York-based Food-X accelerator.  Fast Company – the acclaimed media outlet – rated them the best food tech accelerator in the world twice, and with compelling reasons to do so. The Food-X program combines with a considerable pre-seed financial investment from the $525 million portfolio venture capital firm SOSV, the accelerator’s founding organization. Mushroom Cups is in class with 6 other startups, representing the 9th generation of companies shaping the future of the food industry.
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