Productivity level hacking 101!

Lacking productivity lately? Feeling like 24 hours are not enough to do everything you have planned? Maybe the problem lies in your time management! Don’t stress out, nobody was born with perfect time management skills, so listen carefully and learn to boost your productivity and achieve more, both in your personal and professional life. Just remember – the key is to work smarter, not harder!
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Superfood selection

Best superfood and superdrinks

Superfood – you have probably heard of this new word everybody’s been mentioning lately, right? Well, nutritionally speaking, there is no such thing as a superfood, BUT to put it in layman’s terms, it is any nutrient-rich food considered beneficial for human health and general well-being. However, keep in mind that the term was coined for marketing purposes to influence the newest food trends and to improve product selling and not because it will do magic to your body and mind. It’s really important to understand that there is no single food which is key to a good health condition, but as the term itself is not going anywhere anytime soon, let’s take a closer look at some foods and drinks which may be worthy of the name!

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What are the most interesting facts about coffee?

Coffee – maybe we are about to choose the wrong word, but one thing’s for sure – there are many less known facts about world’s most popular hot beverage which might surprise you (or even make you laugh), and we are here to make sure you become the coffee-know-it-all so you can spread your wisdom among your close ones. Enough with the intro, let’s get straight to the facts!

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Allergies: how to defeat our silent enemy?

Allergies are a very common reaction that affects 1 in 5 people in some period of their lives. Like the causes, the symptoms are numerous too and can vary from mild, hardly noticeable, to possibly life-threatening. But before we go into a deeper analysis of the whole allergy process, we should answer a basic question.

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Go Fresh Healthy Breakfast

How mushrooms affect your body?

We all know the old story – eat healthily, stay healthy. But how healthy the food we eat actually is? It would be too much to analyze each and every food item, so we will focus on mushrooms as they are our number one choice. Classified as vegetables in the world of gastronomy, mushrooms are not plants per se, but they still provide nutrients important for our body. Which mushrooms? Why? What good does it do for me? We will answer all these and many other questions!
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Why am I always tired?

Do you get frustrated when even after 8 good hours of sleep you feel exhausted and your eyes keep shutting down? And when you need to take several naps to make it through the day? We understand you… It is more common than you think. About one-third of the population feels overly sleepy or tired. But what are the reasons for this constant fatigue and is there something you can do about it? We’ll find out together!

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Caffeine bomb

Is caffeine good for you?

When someone mentions ‘caffeine’, not many people have positive connotations. That’s mostly because we are used to hearing how caffeine is the reason why we stay awake even when our body needs rest and how it does not affect our health in a good way. Is it all totally true, though? We’ll find out together.
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