3 ways you are getting screwed over when buying mushroom supplements.

Our analysis showed that 95% of mushroom supplements on the market have devastatingly low quality. Here are a few things that can help you not to get tricked.

1.Buying powders: This products will have “Chaga powder” or “Cordyceps powder” label. Since this powders are basically dried mushrooms grinded into the powder, most important substances in them haven’t been bio – activated. Consuming them in this form decreases their therapeutic potency and therefore will have significantly lowered positive effect on your health and wellbeing. To activate those substances, mushroom powders need to go through (double) extraction process (hot water and/or alcohol). This process cost money, which explains why so many sellers avoid it. During the extraction process, only chitin is removed. Chitin is the reason non-extracted mushroom products are indigestible. It locks the bioactive constituents in the cell walls of the mushroom. After Chitin is removed full spectrum biological potency of medicinal mushrooms is unlocked.

2. Buying supplements without percentage of active substances (for example polysaccharides) noted on their label. Polysaccharides (mostly Beta-Glucans) are active ingredients in mushroom extracts and tinctures. Hiding their percentages from the label should be instant “warning” sign since it alludes it is low quality product.
Few more reasons why sellers would hide this data:
-It is NOT an extract but a biomass product, a tincture or dried, ground up and powdered mushroom product. In these products, the bioactive ingredients cannot be determined properly and the bioavailability is so low that you cannot expect therapeutic effects.
-Due to the cheap extraction methodology seller cannot keep these percentages on constant level.


3. Not getting your money’s worth. The amount of bioactive ingredients defines the therapeutic potency of the product. So let’s say we offer you MushroomsCoffee1 with 50% of polysaccharides for 20 euro, and we offer you MushroomsCoffee2 with 20% of polysaccharides for 10 euro.
MushroomsCoffee2 is cheaper but for the double price you get 2.5x more bio-active ingredients (polysaccharides) in MushroomsCoffee1, therefore it should be favorable choice.

P.S. MushroomsCoffee2 serves only as an example. We don’t, and will never use low or mediocre quality extracts (less than 40% of polysaccharides) in our products.

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